Learn the amazing benefits of Band & Sleeve Bariatric Surgery Which Procedure is Right for You?

LAP-BAND® Surgery

LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding is an FDA-approved bariatric surgery option that is minimally invasive and requires no permanent alterations to the stomach. A fully reversible procedure, the LAP-BAND® System is a way of restricting the stomach’s capacity to store food, giving you a feeling a fullness much sooner than usual and allowing you to lose significant amounts of weight. The LAP-BAND® System procedure has helped thousands of patients all over the world fight morbid obesity and start a new, healthier life.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is one of the newer weight loss procedures in the United States; however, Dr Kim has been performing this surgery for 3 years. He has had so many satisfied patients it is now one of the most popular operations performed in Dr Kim’s practice. Dr Kim performs several Gastric Sleeve operations each week. This procedure is an effective alternative for patients who do not want the risks of gastric bypass surgery and also feel the lap band is not for them.

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Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

At the Live Life Again Center, Dr. David Kim gives patients a second chance with weight loss revision surgery, also known as bariatric revision surgery. The decision to undergo a bariatric procedure will be accompanied by a number of bumps and bruises along the way, as it’s only the beginning of the weight loss journey. The revision surgery process is simply one of those obstacles that must be dealt with when the first procedure does not produce satisfactory weight loss.

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In order for weight loss surgery to achieve the most effective and successful results possible, patients will need to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes. Plus, regular monitoring of your progress is necessary to ensure that weight is being lost safely, and that you are healing properly from the procedure, adjusting well to new eating regimens, and are receiving the necessary motivational support in the battle against morbid obesity.

Dr. David D. Kim has created a comprehensive aftercare program that includes follow-up exams and lifelong support after your weight loss surgery procedure. Aftercare programs at the Live Life Again Center include physical examinations, gastric band adjustments, and emotional support through various groups and services designed to help you on the journey to a healthier, happier life. Our center also offers exercise classes that meet regularly each week, and patients can use our Facebook page to reach out to others and join support groups with individuals who are going through similar experiences. Also at the center is an on-site dietician who specializes in weight loss surgery patients because Dr Kim wants you to practice the very best in nutrition principles and knowledge of vitamins for your overall well being.

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A Journey of Health & Happiness

Morbid obesity is a disease, and eradicating it involves nothing short of a battle for your health. Founded by Dr. David D. Kim in 2003, the Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery is a nationally recognized facility offering safe and effective weight loss surgery for those afflicted with morbid obesity. We are committed to helping you turn your life around with a slimmer figure and a healthier way of living, reducing the risk of life-threatening conditions brought on by obesity and boosting your level of confidence for a more positive self-image. Weight loss surgery is only the first major step, and Dr. Kim and his staff take great pride in their dedication to assisting you through the entire weight loss process, helping to support you on the road to recovery and the attainment of your ultimate goals.

Dr. Kim and the Live Life Again Center have been designated with the distinctions of Surgeon of Excellence and Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Kim has performed thousands of bariatric surgery procedures and is considered one of the top weight loss surgeons in the country. Offering effective surgical weight loss options such as LAP-BAND® System, REALIZE™ Band, and vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) surgery to Dallas-Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas-area patients, Dr. Kim looks forward to meeting you and helping you succeed in the fight against morbid obesity.