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About The Practice

The Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery a state-of-the-art facility with weight loss surgery programs designed to be all-encompassing, serving your needs before, during, and after surgery to ensure the highest chance of successful results. Our facility has been designated as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, signifying our dedication to quality procedures and high safety standards. The bariatric surgery team at our Dallas-Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas-area facility is composed of experienced, compassionate experts in a variety of fields to offer a multi-disciplined approach to the weight loss surgery process. We are with you through every step of this life-changing new path. Contact the Live Life Again Center for more information on our practice and programs.

Our Office Location


5204 Collyeville Boulevard
Colleyville, TX 76034

Our Staff

In addition to Dr. David D. Kim, we rely on a host of experts, including dietitians, physical and respiratory therapists, psychologists, an anesthesiologist, medical assistants and a caring administrative staff to give you the support you need while making this exciting new lifestyle change. All of our team members here at the Live Life Again Center share the commitment of Dr. Kim to offer you the most comfortable and effective treatment program for your needs. Each of our procedures, including LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding, REALIZE™ Band surgery, and laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection, are part of a multi-disciplinary program with a number of staff members who assist in the various steps of the process. They are all experienced and skilled experts in their fields, and are here to serve your needs and assist in your ultimate goals. Some of our dedicated team members include:

Roxanne – Certified Physician Assistant

Roxanne has dedicated over 4 years of her life to studying the Lap-Band® procedure. She first developed her passion for bariatrics while finishing her Masters Thesis on Lap-Band® technology and how the LAP-BAND® tehcnology improves co-morbidities. Roxanne is a Certified Physician Assistant and loves watching our patients improve their quality of life after surgery as their self-esteem and happiness increase. She is excited to learn and expand her knowledge by helping our sleeve and gastric bypass patients as well.

Pam – Bariatric Nurse Coordinator

staff-pamPam is a certified bariatric nurse specialist and has worked with Dr. Kim since the Live Life Again Center first opened its doors. She acts as a patient advocate and assists you through every stage of the weight loss surgery process. With an abundance of clinical knowledge, she is known for the care and compassion she extends to every patient. Pam also oversees the Bariatric University – our program devoted to pre-operative education – and also heads up our aftercare programs and support groups. Pam’s sister Betty is one of Dr. Kim’s weight loss surgery patients and one of the Live Life Again Center’s many success stories. Pam has helped Dr. Kim treat over 4000 bariatric patients with Dr. Kim since 2003.

Mary – Front Desk

Mary is the encouraging, supportive, and inspiring true story of Lap-Band® success at our office and the first face you will see at check-in. Her passion is making every patient feel special and welcome, remembering each of our patients by name. After having lost and sustained a 130lb weight loss for almost 6 years, you can look for her picture before surgery in the window at check-in. Her friendly personality is the perfect remedy if you find yourself in need of a little encouragement.

Amy – Front Desk

Amy brings a wealth of experience and talent to our staff, performing everything from appointment scheduling to check-out to serving as one of our Medical Assistants. She is an expert multi-tasker and the smiling face you’ll see as you leave our office. She enjoys watching our patients transform from the time they first come to see us to their new life after surgery.

Cindy – Medical Assistant

Following a weight loss revision surgery with Dr. Kim in May 2011, Cindy is now a registered Medical Assistant in our office. She is in charge of patient assessment and intake, though she also offers her bilingual skills to translate for our Spanish-speaking patients. Because she has had personal experience with weight loss surgery, Cindy can easily relate to our patients and their post-bariatric care by lending encouragement and support.

Kristin – Medical Assistant

staff-kristinKristin is one of our registered Medical Assistants and a familiar face around the office, having worked with the Live Life Again Center since 2006. She will be one of the friendly nurses who takes you back to the patient rooms for your appointment. Kristin also utilizes her gentle touch in assisting with Lap-Band® aftercare, including Lap-Band® fills and post-operative staple removal. Her encouraging and motivational words are always open to your concerns, whatever they may be.

Melissa – Bariatric Insurance Coordinator

Melissa’s work is invaluable for our patients undergoing the life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery. She has the valuable experience necessary for gaining approval from insurance companies and puts in the extra effort to ensure that this process is as seamless and pain-free as possible. As a patient of Dr. Kim, Melissa has also had bariatric surgery herself, granting her the understanding and compassion needed to offer patients encouragement and peace of mind.

Shawn – Bariatric Insurance Coordinator

As our bariatric insurance coordinator, Shawn works side by side with Melissa gaining insurance approvals and scheduling surgeries. She is an extremely gifted and personable navigator of the all the pre-surgery steps for patients, whether you are a cash pay or insured patient. Shawn also serves as our office social event chairperson and operates the Live Life Again Center’s Facebook page. She is the voice behind our words of encouragement for our Facebook fans.

Jennifer – Insurance

Jennifer is our direct link to the insurance companies as she works out the last minute details of patient coverage. She manages everything from remaining deductibles to pre-surgical amounts due to the office. Jennifer is also in charge of maintaining our BOLD Data for Centers of Excellence.

Laurie – Billing Manager

Laurie is in charge of our billing with the insurance companies and with patient accounts. Patients can come to her with post-surgical insurance questions and any account balance questions. Laurie also acts as our specialist in financing options for surgical procedures.

Matt – IT and Business Manager

Matt is the genius behind our IT and processing here at the Live Life Again Center. By streamlining our processes and managing patient paper flow and staff work flow, he has helped the everyday tasks of our office run much more smoothly.

Melanie – Marketing Director

Melanie heads up the marketing initiative for the office and is our patient event planner. She is extremely passionate about hearing and sharing the success stories of our patients.

Patient Information

The Live Life Again Center prides itself on operating a comprehensive weight loss surgery program with educational before and aftercare services and an extensive follow-up evaluation and support process to help you along your journey to a new and healthier you.

We offer educational and emotional support groups, and lifelong follow-up care to monitor your progress. Our bariatric surgery team understands the many needs and issues that must be undertaken by patients before, during, and particularly after weight loss surgery as you adjust to new lifestyle habits. At the Live Life Again Center, your care does not stop once the surgery is completed.

Learn more about our weight loss surgery program and support services.

Insurance Coverage, Financing and Costs

Since weight loss surgery is often considered an operation to protect or improve your health, many insurance companies cover at least part of the cost of some bariatric procedures. We have team members at the Live Life Again Center whose specific job is to assist you with insurance paperwork and hopefully gain approval for your procedure. If costs of your procedure are not covered, Dr Kim and his bariatric surgery team in the Dallas, Fort Worth area can assist you with other financial preparations for your procedure. We offer information on a range of financing and payment options, to bring the cost of weight loss surgery into your budget. Although the exact cost of weight loss surgery depends upon each patient’s unique needs, as well as which procedure is involved, prices generally run from about $14,900 to $25,000.

The cost of weight loss surgery should never be a barrier to someone wanting to protect their health. Dr. Kim and his team will work diligently to help you with your financial concerns.

Learn more about cost and financing options.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. David D. Kim at the Live Life Again Bariatric Surgery Center, please contact our practice.

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