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In order for weight loss surgery to achieve the most effective and successful results possible, patients will need to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes. Plus, regular monitoring of your progress is necessary to ensure that weight is being lost safely, and that you are healing properly from the procedure, adjusting well to new eating regimens, and are receiving the necessary motivational support in the battle against morbid obesity.

Dr. David D. Kim has created a comprehensive aftercare program that includes follow-up exams and lifelong support after your weight loss surgery procedure. Aftercare programs at the Live Life Again Center include physical examinations, gastric band adjustments, and emotional support through various groups and services designed to help you on the journey to a healthier, happier life. Our center also offers exercise classes that meet regularly each week, and patients can use our Facebook page to reach out to others and join support groups with individuals who are going through similar experiences. Also at the center is an on-site dietician who specializes in weight loss surgery patients because Dr Kim wants you to practice the very best in nutrition principles and knowledge of vitamins for your overall well being.

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