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Fluoroscopy Machine

Fluoroscopic Gastric Band Adjustments

Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon Fluoroscopy MachinePatients who have weight loss surgery with adjustable gastric banding will need at least one band fill after the procedure. Plus, one of the many benefits of gastric banding bariatric procedures is the fact that the band can be made tighter or looser around the stomach, depending on whether you desire to further restrict your food intake before feeling full, or allow yourself more food at mealtimes. For LAP-BAND® System and REALIZE® Band fills and adjustments here at the Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery, Dr. David D. Kim performs fluoroscopic gastric band adjustments for the most precise band fills possible.

Please contact our practice for more information on fluoroscopic band fill here in the Dallas – Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area.

Benefits of Fluoroscopy for Gastric Band Adjustments

Fluoroscopy is a live x-ray that can allow Dr. Kim to provide the most accurate gastric band adjustment possible. Dr. Kim can fill the gastric band while he views the x-ray in real-time, helping him obtain a more accurate result and reducing the risk of overfilling, which can ultimately require another band fill procedure to correct the problem. Fluoroscopic gastric band fills can also help to make sure the band has not slipped and is in the proper position around the stomach.

Band fills are very important in the overall weight loss process after surgery because they directly affect how much you are able to eat before feeling full. Those who need band fill adjustments to be able to eat more or eat less require precise band fills in order to attain their goals and lose weight safely and effectively.

The fluoroscopic gastric band fill procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete here at the Live Life Again Center. If you would like more information on band fills or our weight loss surgery program, please contact us today.

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