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REALIZE™ Band Surgery

Like the LAP-BAND® System, REALIZE™ Band is a restrictive weight loss surgery procedure. This indicates that it is designed to restrict the size of the stomach, allowing for a more limited amount of food intake before you feel full. This fully adjustable procedure involves no cutting or stapling of the stomach and has a quicker recovery time than other surgical weight loss methods. Dr. David Kim has the distinction of being one of the first surgeons in the United States to be trained in REALIZE™ Band procedures.


Patients who are morbidly obese can lose up to one to two pounds per week with the REALIZE™ Band. The band itself is attached around the stomach in order to create a smaller stomach pouch. Once you have had the procedure performed, you should get a significantly earlier feeling of fullness after eating much less than what you are used to. The REALIZE™ Band is the widest of all adjustable gastric bands in use today, which may be even more helpful in controlling hunger than other gastric bands. The procedure has been performed on more than 100,000 patients all over the world. Because REALIZE™ Band surgery involves no stapling or cutting, it involves significantly less risks of complications than gastric bypass surgery. The band also can be adjusted at any time to increase or decrease the amount of food able to be eaten before feeling full, or the band can be removed altogether.

REALIZE™ Band Surgery

Dr. David D. Kim performs REALIZE™ Band surgery laparoscopically, a technique which uses small instruments and a tiny camera to visualize the surgical field. This method allows for much smaller incisions, less visible scarring, a quicker procedure, and a more rapid recovery time. Dr. Kim will place the REALIZE™ Band around the upper portion of the stomach, creating the smaller pouch for food intake. A small port connected to the band is used to add or subtract saline, adjusting the level of stomach restriction the band is providing. The port is underneath the skin and completely invisible. The entire REALIZE™ Band weight loss surgery procedure for our Dallas-Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas-area patients typically takes about 30 minutes to complete under general anesthesia. Patients are usually able to go home the same day of surgery.

REALIZE™ Band Recovery

Some degree of pain and discomfort can be expected after REALIZE™ Band Surgery, however it is typically mild and can be relieved with medication. Dr. David D. Kim operates a comprehensive aftercare support program to make sure you are adjusting comfortably to the band and that it is working properly. Dr. Kim will personally help to monitor your progress after the procedure.

REALIZE™ Band Costs and Financing

Although many insurance companies help cover the cost of weight loss surgery procedures, those who are not covered can bring the price of REALIZE™ Band surgery into their budgets with a variety of financing options. As REALIZE™ Band surgery costs significantly less than gastric bypass, many of our patients are able to finance the procedure for about $354 per month.

REALIZE™ Band surgery has an enormously successful rate of results, helping people who are morbidly obese (those with a body mass index of 35 or higher) fight the devastating physical and psychological effects brought on by the disease. Dr. David Kim believes it to be a highly effective and safe procedure that, along with lifestyle changes and aftercare support, will help you win the battle against morbid obesity.

For more information on REALIZE™ Band surgery, please contact Dr. David Kim.

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