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Ben Rogers Weight Loss Journey

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Already 60 pounds lighter!

Ben Rogers is documenting his experience with weight loss surgery. Visit Ben’s Blog to Follow His Story.

About Big Ben Rogers of ESPN’s “The Ben & Skin Show”

Big Ben Rogers, as he is affectionately referred to by fans and friends, is currently undergoing a personal weight loss transformation, after being overwhelmingly inspired into action by the progressive results achieved by colleague & former NFL lineman: Mr. Nate Newton. Ben has been battling his weight as long as he can remember, even back to his days of early adolescence where bitter memories of being relegated to the less-glorious positions of catcher & offensive lineman still haunt him. Transitioning into adulthood, Ben, like many Americans, attempted numerous dieting tactics. He even enjoyed some preliminary success during the initial stages, but inevitably the weight always managed to return. As years continued to pass, Ben’s unhealthy eating choices and lack of consistent exercise started to give way to new health concerns in the form of: high blood pressure, excess perspiration, sustained discomfort and unwanted stress.

Ben was aware of his dwindling state of health, but continued to tack on pounds even after re-dedicating himself for short spurts, after the birth of his first 2 children. Ben continued to watch his health stray from the ideal until one typical day at the office when Nate Newton merely walked by him.  Anyone who remembers Nate Newton from his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys, immediately evokes an image of a man of colossal size and strength, however this isn’t the same Nate Newton that Ben saw walking by him. Nate had elected to see board-certified weight loss surgeon & Medical Director of The Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery: Dr. David Kim. When Ben witnessed the remarkable results achieved by Dr. Kim through  Nate’s  gastric sleeve surgery he was  so blown away that he insisted for Dr. Kim’s contact information almost immediately. Nate’s story was all that  it took for Ben to become inspired and motivated to spring into action and dedicate himself to a weight loss treatment program similar to Nate’s, as outlined by Dr. Kim.

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Feel free to send Ben an email with any questions or comments you might have: ben@benandskin.com

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