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Leigha’s Lap Band Story

I had surgery 10/20/09 and even though I only needed to lose 60 pounds, that 60 pounds had been with me for 15 years. I had lost weight using Adkins and diet pills but as soon as I returned to normal eating the weight came back and always brought friends! I ate a balanced diet but I was always hungry. I could eat a full plate of food and still be hungry. Once I got the lap band and started getting fills I was able to eat a normal portion meal and feel satisfied. The hungry feeling that I had been living with for years was gone. I had originally set my goal for a 130 pounds but now I weigh 135 and wear a size 4 clothes so I have decided to stop losing weight and concentrate on building up my fitness level.

I have started running in organized races, I ran the jailbreak obstacle race in Dallas in September and I will be participating in my first half marathon on 10/10/10, even though I won’t be able to run the whole way, at least I can complete in it.

Jailbreak race 3.8 miles full of obstacles

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