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Nate Newton’s Weight Loss Journey

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Nate Newton Reaches his Weight Loss Goal

Former Dallas Cowboy standout, Nate Newton, who became a dominant offensive linemen over the course of his 15 seasons in the National Football League, has reached his goal weight just under a year after weight loss surgery from Dr. David D. Kim. In early 2010, Nate was diagnosed as being “super-obese,” exposing him to serious health risks. But after bariatric surgery at the Live Life Again Center and significant changes to his dietary and exercise habits, Nate has reached his goal weight – shedding nearly 200 pounds.

Nate Newton’s Weight Loss Journey

It’s no secret that Nate played an integral role in the Cowboy’s Super Bowl Championship teams of the early 90’s utilizing the brute force that came with his 6’3”, 325 pound frame to open holes for Emmitt Smith and to keep Troy Aikman protected.

However, after Nate retired from professional football in 1999, he added an additional 75 pounds to his body frame, transforming this once dominant athlete into a person with serious health risks. Weighing in at 400 pounds and experiencing a Body Mass Index in excess of 50, Nate acquired the label of “super-obese” from his physicians. He was battling constant arthritis all over his body, as well as high blood pressure and trouble walking. Nate realized he not only needed to address his current health problems and reduce his risk of developing even more serious conditions, but he also wished to be a healthy role model to his children. Nate decided it was time to take action and scheduled his weight loss surgery with Dr. David Kim from the Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery, located in Colleyville.

About Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

After the initial consultation, Dr. Kim decided that the best option for Nate would be the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). This bariatric surgery procedure is quite different from other weight loss surgery techniques. In the VSG, 75% of the stomach is completely removed. The stomach takes on the shape of a sleeve, allowing only a few ounces of food may to be ingested at a time. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy reduces hormones that cause hunger and diminishes food capacity of the stomach, giving patients an earlier feeling of fullness when they eat.

Learn more about vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Life After Surgery for Nate Newton

Nate’s VSG surgery was performed on April 19th, 2010. By March of 2011, Nate had gone from almost 400 pounds to right around 200 – in under one year. He was no longer a diabetic, and his high blood pressure was gone. He is now off medication for both conditions. Nate followed the weight loss program at the Live Life Again Center step-by-step, changing his lifestyle habits and losing weight safely and effectively. Because of his commitment to turning his life around and living healthier, Nate reached his goal weight and has become one of our practice’s many success stories.

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