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Weight loss surgery is a major decision and, in order to ensure the most successful outcome and help our patients through every step of the process, Dr. David D. Kim makes patient education and support a significant part of our program here at the Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery. Through seminars, detailed consultations, nutritional evaluations, support group meetings, follow-up care, and honest communication, Dr. Kim and his weight loss surgery team provide our Arlington and DFW-area patients the tools they need to fight morbid obesity safely and effectively. We are committed to helping you in any way we can while you embark on this journey toward a happier, healthier life.


Dr. David Kim offers one-on-one consultations for patients interested in bariatric surgery procedures such as LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding, REALIZE™ Band surgery, and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). The appointments are held right here at our Fort Worth-area practice and offer patients the chance to learn more about bariatric surgery procedures and what they can expect directly from Dr. Kim.  He spends the time discussing many different aspects of the weight loss surgery process. These appointments provide patients with the opportunity to meet with our bariatric surgeon and ask questions face-to-face, as well as discuss the options available to them and speak with individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery.

To schedule a one on one consultation, please contact the Live Life Again Center.

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Bariatric University

Bariatric University is part of our weight loss surgery educational program here at the Live Life Again Center. After you have attended one of our seminars, you will attend a specific class devoted to the procedure you have decided to undergo. This class will go over all of the details of your procedure, explaining what you can expect during surgery as well as aspects of the pre-operative and post-operative process.

Following the seminar and Bariatric University class, Dr. Kim will meet with you for one last personal consultation before your surgery. He will again discuss what you can expect during the process, address your concerns, and explain what you’ll need to do to prepare for surgery and the lifestyle changes that will be necessary in order to ensure the safest, most successful results.

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Fast Track Program

Patients who have insurance approval or those who plan to pay cash for their gastric banding or laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection procedure can take advantage of our Fast Track program. This option allows for a more rapid consultation and educational process and gives you the opportunity to schedule your surgery within two weeks. Contact the Live Life Again Center for more information on our Fast Track program.

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Lifelong Support

Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery are in the process of changing many aspects of their lives, and our programs are designed to provide the physical and emotional support they need to achieve their goals and provide the optimal weight loss results. We encourage patients to attend our support groups and speak with other patients to share their experiences with obesity and ask questions of one another. We also find that family and friends of patients can often be very important to help them through the process, and we encourage them to accompany patients to some of our educational programs and group meetings to lend their support.

The Live Life Again Center also maintains an active presence on Facebook, with a variety of groups and forums that enable you to connect with our office, other patients, and people whose situations and experiences may be similar to yours.

A new physical regimen and exercise routine is also a focus of our aftercare programs and support system here at our center. That’s why we offer exercise classes three times a week right here in our office, as well as professional advice on effective exercise routines for your needs. Our support programs are designed not only to provide education on weight loss topics and procedures – they are to help and encourage patients during a period of change in their lives. We hope to make this transition to healthier living as comfortable and effective as possible.

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Before Surgery

In order to decrease the size of the liver and provide Dr. Kim with the best visualization possible during your weight loss surgery procedure, he will place you on the OPTIFAST® liquid diet for up to two weeks before surgery. Other pre-operative instructions will be given to you once you have decided on the specific bariatric surgery option for your needs.

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Follow-up and Aftercare

Since a major component of bariatric surgery is the progressive loss of weight in the months and years after the procedure is performed, the Live Life Again Center offers lifelong follow-up as a standard part of it surgical program. Follow-up exams limit the risk of complications after surgery and allow our team to monitor your progress to ensure you are healing properly and losing weight safely.

LAP-BAND® System and REALIZE™ Band surgery patients are seen for post-operative examinations one week after the procedure has been performed and every month for the following year. These frequent progress exams allow for adjustments to the gastric band and monitoring of the patient’s weight loss. Once a year has passed, follow-up evaluations for gastric band patients can be scheduled further apart.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) patients are seen in a follow-up evaluation one to two weeks after the procedure and every four months after that for one year. These patients should also come in for a check-up at least once annually following the first year after surgery.

Patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Kim for a follow-up appointment at any time after surgery for any reason.

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Lifestyle Changes after Weight Loss Surgery

One of the main things patients need to understand about bariatric surgery is that it is not a miracle cure for obesity. The surgical weight loss procedure is an important first step and works to provide a physical assist for the body to start shedding pounds, but it’s largely up to the patient, working together with the physician, to make the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary to safely lose weight and start living healthier.

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Since weight loss surgery is designed to limit your food intake during meals, your daily diet must consist of specific amounts of certain foods to provide you with the nutrition necessary to keep you healthy. Part of the reason the educational component of our program here at the Live Life Again Center is so extensive is to help patients know the best way to implement this new diet and what foods will give them a healthy diet regimen. Our bariatric team recommends a diet high in protein with strict limits on foods high in fat and carbohydrates. Patients must drink lots of water and low-calorie, non-carbonated beverages during their weight loss. Drinking and smoking are discouraged after you have had weight loss surgery. Patients who have had gastric banding or laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection surgery are also encouraged to take vitamin supplements to help them achieve the best weight loss results.

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Weight loss surgery patients must take precautions against losing muscle mass in addition to extra fat by establishing a regular exercise routine. 30 minutes of moderate exercise, about 5 times a week, is typically recommended. A slightly increased exercise regimen may be recommended during follow-up appointments.

Please contact our weight loss surgery center serving the DFW and Arlington, Texas region for more information on our aftercare programs.

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