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Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming more and more valuable to businesses like ours.  If you have nice things to say about us or your journey, it would help us if you would take a few minutes and share your experiences on one of the online review sites listed below.

There are a few different review sites where reviews can be posted for us. Click on a logo below to access direct links to our business in each of them:

Please click on “Rate & Review” under “Reviews by Google Users”. (Requires a Google Account)

Please click on “Write a review” under ‘Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery – David D. Kim MD’ at the top of the page (Requires a MSN/Bing Account)

Yelp Instructions: “Click on ‘Write a Review’ in the center of the page. (Requires a Yelp Account)

Please click on “Share your opinion” in the center of the page.

You will automatically be directed to the “Rate Your Doctor” page.

You will automatically be directed to the “Patient Experience” page.

Your review can be short and sweet – it should only take a few minutes. Thank you for your willingness to help us out!


Dr. Kim

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