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Keep the Change!

We’ve been seeing  a lot of change in our office lately!  No, I’m not referring to dimes and nickels and quarters, or even nurse Kristin’s new hairdo.  The change is YOU, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We’re seeing dramatic metamorphoses from athletes, radio announcers, doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers, students, and grandmas (to name a few), but this cross-section of humanity shares a common denominator…..they have been changed for the better!

Below are some testimonials, mostly taken directly from our Facebook Fan page.  I trust that they will encourage you as you strive to make some positive changes of your own, and begin to “live life again.”

We would love to hear your story too!  Feel free to post on our Facebook Fan Page or send us a message and we can post it in our patient stories section.

Our Patient Testimonials

“1st & foremost, I wanted to change my life, I wanted to change my look, I wanted to be able to do physical things with my son. Like play football, go walking, ride a bike & all in all to do outdoor things.
-Nate Newton, May 23, 2010

“Holy wow!!! I just saw my before picture on the new site!! THAT’S INSANE!!! And I’ve lost even more since then!!! You have truly changed my life and if ANYONE has any question about having this done, don’t think twice!! It’s soooooooo the right decision!!!!”
- Erin Bostick, Sept. 25, 2009

“It’s a victory for my health.  It’s a victory for my family.  It’s a victory for my life.  I guess you could call it my “new” life.  I have far to go and much hard work to put in to keep my side of the bargain (exercise-and-diet-wise). But I believe I’m equipped with the tools, the plan, the motivation and the doctor I need to help me achieve all of my health-oriented goals.”
- Ben Rogers, Aug. 23, 2010

“I lost 19# & now I weigh 244# which is down from 263#. I spent 2 wks in SA & it was a big test for me to see if I could stay disciplined and focused. I cont to get up at 4-5am every morning & work out. I ate the proper foods and was very happy with the results.”
- Nate Newton, August 14, 2010

Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery recognizes the outstanding accomplishment of Becky Mikulencak who completed her first 5K! Way to go!!
- posted by Pamela Katekaru on Nov 04, 2009

This March will be 5 years with no weight gain….still have some extras to do…but so much happier and healthier than before…Congrats to all who choose health, it’s not as easy a choice as some suppose…”
- Danyell Walker, Oct. 4, 2009

‎”90 pounds off since Sleeve Surgery March 9. Feeling great!”
- Dr. Jeff Livingston, Sept. 26, 2010)

“It has been the best decision I have ever made for my health. Not only have I lost 201 pounds in 14 months, I have completed 12 triathlons…, three full 26.2 mile marathons, completed 76 miles of running in 23 hours at The Rocky Raccoon Trail Run, completed The Cowtown ULTRA Marathon, completed multiple bike races and century rides, and a 10K Swim.”
- Dan Benintendi, from his website www.trimywill.com

“My waste is down six plus inches and counting, and my shirts are no longer a Big and Tall store ONLY proposition.  This weekend, I had the pleasure to perusing the thread offerings of the masses for the first time in several years as I now find myself back in the 2X shirt size market — as opposed to the 3XLT area I’ve been camped out in for some time.”
- Ben Rogers, Sept. 26, 2010)

”I had Gastric-Bypass surgery on Feb.21,2006. I lost 172lbs and I am feeling just TERRIFIC.”
- Charlene Buss, March 18, 2010

“I wanted to thank Dr. Kim and staff for helping me lose my excess weight with my lapband. I had it placed on 10/20/09 and I am now at goal, size 4, 135 pounds. Thanks everybody!”
- Leigha Cockerham Bobbitt-Haeger, Sept 13, 2010

“I went for my first fill yesterday I am down 67.5 pounds and feel like a new person. I walk a mile at night and about to join a gym. I hope everyone is doing as good as me.”
- Shannah Griffin, May 15, 2010

“Dr. Kim you saved my life. God Bless you I look and feel great. I have lost 50 pounds since my surgery on August 19, 2010…WOW”
- Tanya Hutchinson, Sept 13, 2010

“I have referred so many folks to Dr Kim that I should be a millionaire by now. My floor at work has enough to make our own support group!”
- Sandy Osborne Fitch, Sept. 3, 2010

“I had lap band back on Jan 14th, and prior to, I was on a liquid diet for 3 weeks. My whole life has changed. I’m stronger, leaner, faster. More aggressive in my determination. You’re in great hands with Dr. Kim and his staff.”
- Timothy Lopez, Aug. 28, 2010

“Had my Lapband done about months ago. Have lost 35 pounds so far! I feel so much better! Hubby had his band done 3 weeks ago and has lost 20 already. So not fair that the men can lose it so much faster! LOL Oh well! We will both get there!”
- Rhonda Dawson, Sept 30, 2010

“Very Excited this week! I reached my half way mark to my first goal! I was banded 6/15/10 and am down 56 lbs. Thank you for showing me the way to a healthier life!”
- Tera Bagby, Oct. 7, 2010

“Don’t get me wrong — I have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, yet.  There’s no question about that.  I’m roughly half way to my goal weight range.  But in terms of how I feel right now… all I can say is… life is good, life is good.”
- Ben Rogers, Sept. 2010

“Dr. David Kim has changed my life!!  He can change yours.”
- Liesa Houk Twing

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