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Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

Dallas Weight Loss SurgeryPatients from Texas and across the United States visit Dr. David D. Kim because of his expertise in revision weight loss surgery. Dr. Kim is extensively experienced with complex bariatric surgery procedures, including the LAP-BAND® System, gastric bypass, and vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and has performed thousands of surgical weight loss treatments. In some cases, patients do not experience the weight loss results they had hoped to achieve and, therefore, revision weight loss surgery may be an option.

Dr. Kim understands the struggles associated with weight loss surgery and appreciates the chance to give patients who have not met their weight loss goals a second chance. As those patients pursue a healthier, happier life, Dr. Kim aims to help them in their journey with the tools they need to achieve significant, lasting weight loss. He has found that many patients who have had revision weight loss procedures are ultimately very successful due to a greater commitment to the meaningful choices made in pursuit of slimming their physiques and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

At Kim Bariatric Institute, about 10% of the procedures Dr. Kim performs are revision bariatric surgeries, with most patients undergoing the initial procedure at another practice. Patients often seek the advice of Dr. Kim based on his reputation and the experience he has accumulated helping thousands of patients achieve successful weight loss. While unsatisfactory weight loss is often the reason patients consider revision bariatric surgery, there are a number of other issues that patients may be experiencing to cause them to seek this treatment. In order to fully diagnose an individual’s needs, as well as his or her ability to qualify for bariatric revision surgery, Dr. Kim stresses that potential patients should contact the Kim Bariatric Institute and schedule an in-person consultation.

Reasons Patients Consider Revision Weight Loss Surgery

While adjustable gastric banding is one of the most frequently performed and effective weight loss treatments available, there is a particular subset of reasons a procedure may not be successful. If an adjustable gastric banding surgery does not succeed, a laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery may be a good option to help patients achieve their goals.

Here are a few of the most common reasons patients opt for revision weight loss surgery:

  • Unsuccessful weight loss – continuing hunger even after band adjustments have been made, resulting in an unsatisfactory loss of weight.
  • Limited weight loss – a “weight loss plateau” occurs when patients lose a certain amount of weight, but cannot seem to lose more regardless of their dedication to reach their goals. This may happen long after the band has been placed and can leave patients feeling very dispirited.
  • Failure of the band itself – if a hole has formed in the band, port, or tubing, it will likely not function in the way it is intended. As opposed to undergoing another band surgery, patients may consider other bariatric surgery options.
  • Trouble swallowing – after numerous band fills or band deflations, some patients may still experience a band fit that is either too tight or too loose around the stomach. This can cause a number of issues, including vomiting from a band that is too tight or overeating when it is not tight enough.
  • A limited diet – soft and mushy foods that have an abundant amount of carbohydrates are sometimes necessary for a patient’s diet after surgery. If patients try eating beef, poultry, and other foods that are rich in protein, they may vomit or choke. Dietary restrictions such as these may prompt a patient who is struggling with them to make bad choices or feel like they are constantly hungry.
  • Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) – commonly referred to as heartburn, this condition often flares up more severely during the night. GERD can lead to pneumonia and other pulmonary infections. GERD can be unavoidable if the band around the stomach exceeds lower esophageal sphincter pressure, and acid reflux medications will likely not be very effective.
  • Slipping of the adjustable gastric band – in some cases the band around the top portion of the stomach slips out of its intended position, or the stomach pouch abnormally dilates. A simple emptying of the band may not correct the issue. Without treatment, major band slips can stop circulation to the stomach, which can be very serious.
  • Erosion of the band – this can be a life-threatening event. Band erosion occurs when a portion of the band begins to dig into the lumen of the stomach.

Alternatives to Gastric Banding Procedures

There are a number of procedures available at Kim Bariatric Institute that can serve as beneficial alternatives to gastric banding surgery in revision weight loss treatments. One of the more common alternatives is the vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Gastric sleeve surgery may be an effective solution to many of the problems listed in the section above. When compared to a banding procedure, gastric sleeve surgery: allows for an easier swallowing reflex; does not require an implant or device that restricts food passage, which can reduce instances of vomiting or choking; can minimize the need for office visits; decrease hunger hormones, helping patients to gain greater control over their appetites.

It’s important to remember that revision bariatric surgery is a major procedure and there are some crucial things to consider before one undergoes it. As is true with any bariatric procedure, there can be no total assurances that it will be successful. However, Dr. Kim and the team at Kim Bariatric Institute are extensively trained and experienced in a range of weight loss surgery procedures and make every effort to ensure patients’ success. He has performed thousands of bariatric surgery procedures, many of them revision weight loss surgery treatments, that have resulted in successful results for patients who were able to make dramatic improvements to their health.

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